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Robert Schwandl Publishing (initially called 'metroPlanet') was founded in Berlin in April 2002 by Robert Schwandl, the author of the popular website UrbanRail.Net, which is dedicated to metros, subways and other mass transit systems around the world.

The goal of Robert Schwandl Publishing is to produce high quality inexpensive books about urban transport networks, focussing on the history of the system, its current operation and rolling stock, station architecture and anything else which might be of interest to not only the subway & tram aficionado but also the general public. Most titles have been published bilingually in English and German.

Our catalogue can be subdivided into four areas:

1) Berlin - among others, individual books about each U-Bahn line (this series is in German only!)
2) Deutschland - besides the popular "Tram Atlas" individual books on various cities and regions
3) Europe (blue) - initially labelled "Metros in ...", now part of the "Tram Atlas" and/or "U-Bahn, S-Bahn & Tram in ..." series
4) Rest of the World (red) - so far three volumes on U.S. systems and one on Australia & New Zealand as well as three on Japan published

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Individual costumers are welcome to order books directly from us. Visit our Online Shop to learn more about shipping and payment options. Many of our books are also available via popular online sellers like Amazon or The Book Dipository!

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Anybody wishing to publish material related to the publisher's subject of interest is invited to contact us about a possible collaboration.


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